Census Charity Bake Sale

The Federal Office of Personal Management (OPM) promotes an annual charity fund raiser known as the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).   This allows Federal employees and their organizations to donate to specific charities or to the general CFC fund.  For this event, the US Census Bureau Center for Economic Studies (CES) held a bake sale and members of Mountain Color, Edna and John, were asked to perform.   This event was held during the Census lunch hour and much like the Vandailia Gathering, people were able to stroll by or stop and listen to music.  At the Census Bureau there is a main hallway and musicians and baked goods were set in a spot where there was lots of foot traffic.
Highlight was members of CES joining in on singing chorus to “Cripple Creek,” “Goin Down to Cairo,”  and “Buffalo Gal.”    There was even an impromptu playing and singing of the song “Old Suzanna.”    It was a lot a fun and a good bit of money was raised.All photos where taken by Claudia Perez.