Music and Family

Our uncle from Phoenix, Arizona made a special trip to West Virginia as did brother David from South Carolina.  Weekend was spent listening to family stories, visiting sites in Huntington, and playing music with members of the Stony Point String Band (Taylor, Gary, and Dennis).We held a jam session that Sunday and played some new songs; “Red Prairie Dawn,” and “Walk Along John to Kansas” as well as reviewing old favorites such as “Hangman’s Reel,” “Booth Shot Lincoln,” “Waterbound,” and “Old Horse and Buggy.”

Earlier in the weekend we attempted having John lead/start with the Autoharp on the songs “Mississippi Sawyer” and “Looking out My Backdoor.”   There was distinct learning curve but in the end it worked pretty good.    Just need to practice this a bit more.   David brought his lap dulcimer and it was a treat to hear him play.    Tim, David, and John even tried their hand at the song “Liberty.”    Also we introduced bother Paul to the Ukulele and hopefully he will be joining us.   All in all an excellent weekend.

John’s daughter and uncle talking dentistry Can’t go to Huntington without doing dinner at Jim’s David showing his grandson Gabriel the dulcimer